Flame proof protection radial fans

All radial fans are offered alternatively in flameproof execution.

According to your specification the fans will be manufactured in zones 2G, 3G and 2D as well as 3D.

All electric motors used are certificated for flameproof and pressure resistance. For this application the inlet jet is made of copper in order to avoid possible damage to the impeller and in order to prevent contact to the inlet jet so sparking does not occur.

The fan cowls and impellers are available in powder-coated sheet steel or in stainless steel. Motors are also available in special voltage if desired.

For the selection of the fan we require operating information (air performance m³/h and pressure Pa).

Furthermore we need to know the type and operating temperature  as well as any other pertinent information for the application.
Further information concerning the various types can be found at the catagory "direct drive respect. belt drive radial fans".

Thank you!

Radialventilator kmmp-elektro
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