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Someone called it a glossary - we called it kmmp A-Z. On these pages you will find...


Absolute encoders

You will find absolute encoders in optical and magnetic version


We supply our Force ventilations, motors and brakes in AC voltage.


Our aluminium component programme includes parts such as stator housings, flanges, endshiels and terminal boxes.


We supply explosion protected motors from ATB formarly called F&G which are available ex our warehouse.


As a general agency of AVTRON we supply incremental and absolute encoders.

Axial fans

We have Radial fans and Force ventilation fans in our programm.


B3 and B5 construction form

Our motors and stator housings are available in construction form B3 (foot version) and B5 (flange version).


As we are a general agency for Temporiti (Italy) we deliver brakes for electric motors in DC and AC.



Endshields are deliverable in cast iron with 4 and 8 cams.


You will find in our programme operating capacitors and starting capacitors from 1µf to 315µF.

Cast iron

Our cast iron components programme constitutes parts like stator housings, flanges, endshields and terminal boxes.


We always have a large selection of flameproof motors from Cemp in sizes 63 til 180 in stock


We are ISO 9001 and AEO certified.


We are able to deliver all sheet steel articles such as fan cowls, external fans casings and slotted cover sheets in a coated version.

Conveying direction

Our special ventilation fans are deliverable in two operating directions (A and B).

Coolant pump

We offer coolant pumps for tooling machines in standard and flameproof versions.

Cooling fans

You will find for your application a large selection of radial fans and axial forced ventilation fans.


We supply fan cowls with or without primer, stainless steel and plastic.


We trade in Euro, US Dollar and South African Rand.

Customer specifications

We offer customized cooling fans and fan cowls as per your specific requirements.


Data sheets

You can download the data sheets for all our products . Please see the catagory products in the catalogue.


You will find in our programme forced ventilation fans and brakes in DC version.


Delivery duty paid on customer request.

Delta connection

The circuit diagrams for our force ventilation fans are downloadable on our homepage in either Star or Delta.



We train all our new apprentices in wholesale and foreign trade merchant as well as in the field of warehouse logistics.

Efficency class

All of our electric motors are delivered corresponding to the valid efficiency class.


We have flameproof motors from Elprom in sizes 56 to 112 on stock.


We are a general agency for AVTRON and offer you optical and magnetic encoders for your application.


Radial fans and external fans are delivered in the corresponding valid ERP norm.

Ex protection

We offer electric motors, coolant pumps, radial fans and Forced ventilation  fans in flameproof versions.

External ventilation fan

We deliver for all motors available on the market the corresponding Force ventilation fan for retrofitting or for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).


Fan cowls

We deliver fans cowls in sizes 56 to 400 in sheet steel and stainless steel.

Feather key

Motor feather keys are available on stock.

Forced draft fans

Forced draft fans is a name for forced ventilation units. We deliver forced ventilation fans in sizes 56 til 450.

Forced ventilation units

Force cooled motors are utilized in many branches of industry, from the food processing industry to rolling mills and offshore applications. All of these require strong robust forced blowers to withstand the specific environment.

Frequenci inverters

KMMP has two different VSD series in stock. The GD20 & GD350. The GD20 frequency inverter is a general vector inverter and is designed for the lower power market and uses a leading edge Vector control Algorithm. Excellent product features, compatible for either wall or DIN rail mounting, compact design and ensures valuable space saving. Available from 0,37 kW to 2,2 kW (1-phase 230V).

The GD350 is a brand new high-performance inverter. It is highly extensible and flexible with PG card, PLC card, communication card and IO card, meeting the demands of various industries. It’s oriented for medium and high-end OEM equipment markets, mainly covering the applications of printing and packaging, winding equipment, paper machinery, shearing equipment, textile machinery, HVAC, etc. Available from 1,5 kW to 500 kW (3-phase 400V)



Galvanized deep-drawn fan cowls are available from stock.


12 months after delivery.



American power (horsepower) = PS. 1 PS (HP) corresponds to 0,74 kW.


You will find AC supply frequency of 50 Hz in Europe, Asia, Australia and parts of Africa as well as in South America. In North America you will find a frequency of 60 Hz.


Incremental encoders

You will find in our range incremental encoders in optical and magnetic version.

Iso class

Insulating material for electric motors mentions the max. thermal temp. According to DIN EN 60085 for Iso-class A=105°C, E=120°C, B=130°C, F=155°C, H=180°C.

INVT Inverter

KMMP offering INVT frequency inverters.



Motor feather keys are available on stock.



Deliverable are Force ventilation fans and fan cowls in painted finish.



Our components are usually offered unmachined. Small quantities in standard machined are available from stock. Machined parts according to customer drawings available on request.

Magnetic encoder

AVTRON incremental and absolute encoders in magnetic version.

Maintenance manuel

You will find on our homepage for forced ventilation units and radial fans as downloads.


Noise reduced



You will find our opening hours on our homepage

Operating manuel

You can download the operating manual for all our ventilation fans and radial fans.

Optical impellers

AVTRON incremental and absolute encoders in optical version.



You will find Cooling fans, fan cowls and terminal boxes in plastic.

Powder coating

We are also are able to deliver fan cowls, forced ventilation units and lasered parts powder coated if desired.


Our range offers cooling fans, fan cowls and terminal boxes in PPN (plastic).


We offer coolant pumps for tooling machines in standard and in flameproof version.

Pressure-resistant motors

We supply pressure-sealed electric motors from ATB, Cemp and Elprom.


We use eco-friendly water based primers for all our ventilation fans and force ventilation fan cowls.


We supply stator housings, flanges, endshields as well as terminal boxes supplied in both standard version or special customer designs.


We have alu stator profile casings in size 56 to 132 on stock.

Customized profiles on demand.



All our articles comply with the valid quality standards.


Radial fans

We manufacture Radial blowers in carbon and stainless steel according to customer's specific requirements.

RAL color

We offer a paint finish in your desired RAL color for fan cowls and Force ventilation fans.


We supply continuous casting (extruded casting) in various sizes with and without cooling fins.

Rotation direction

We supply for your application Bi-directional axial ventilation fans in PPN and aluminium.


We deliver Stator-rotor packs in different sizes and standard lengths on stock


Seal for termianl box

We offer all our terminal boxes with corresponding seals.


You will find our services on our homepage

Sheet steel cowl

Deep-drawn fan cowls and customer specific fan cowls in sheet steel.

Ship version

We supply external fans and motors in ship version ABS, GL, DNV.


We supply stator packs in aluminium and silumin.

Stainless steel

Fan cowls, Force ventilation fans and radial fans are all available in stainless steel.

Star connection

You will find downloadable wiring diagrams for our Force ventilation fans for connecting in either Star or Delta.


We deliver stator packs in different sizes and standard lengths on stock.



Kmmp has the German general agency for Temporiti for AC and DC brakes.

Terminal block

Instead of using an ordinary terminal board for our Z-RBK Force ventilation fans we use a special connection board that only uses spring pressure. This elimanates losing parts screws etc. These boards are available as spare parts too.

Terminal board

You will find terminal boards in sizes M4 to M20 under the accessories.

Terminal boxes

In accordance with the component programme we deliver terminal boxes in different versions in aluminium, cast iron and plastic.

Test report

Test reports are available for our motors.

Terms of delivery

Here you will find our terms of delivery.

Terms of payment

You will find our terms of payment in the foot of our offers and order confirmations.


Here you will find a large selection of flameproof motors and Force ventilation fans in three-phase version in standard and special voltages.

Tool costs

Tooling costs are shown seperately if required.



Our components are usually offered unmachined. Small quantities in standard machined are available from stock. Machined parts according to customer drawings available on request.



Kmmp has the general agency for VEM motors in South Africa and in the USA.



We supply our customers in Germany, Europe and overseas.



We trade in Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD) and South African Rand (ZAR).

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