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Laufrad für Radialgebläse -Radialventilatoren

Ventilation fans

For OEM’s as well as for the electric motor repair industry motors we supply PPN and aluminum fans in sizes from 56 to 355. The ventilation fans are universally used for nearly all electric motor brands.

Within our plastic range, we offer PPN ventilation fans for temperature ranges from – 20 ° C to + 90 ° C and in Ultramide / Polyamide for ambient temperatures from – 30 ° C to + 170 ° C.
In the aluminum section, finished machined ventilation fans and unmachined ventilation fans are available.

Our ventilation fans are available with keyway or clamp. (Aluminium ventilation fans – unmachined with 10 mm raw bore for customers own processing.


For increased airflow and quiet operation we also offer ventilation fans with uni-directional axial wings in plastic or aluminum. Due to the pre-selection of different profiles and angle settings, individual air outputs can be achieved. The advantage over conventional ventilation fans is that they have very high efficiency with low power consumption and noise level.
The aluminum hub is manufactured to your specifications. Different airfoils and diameters allow outer diameters from 120 mm to 2745 mm.
The wings can be made in fibreglass , reinforced plastic as well as in aluminum. Operating temperatures from – 40 ° C to 110 ° C for aluminum up to 249 ° C * (* – 60 ° C to 245 ° C depending on profile for aluminum fans)


We also deliver replacement centrifugal impellers / drum rotors and fan wheels for our radial blowers from stock or manufactured within 4-8 weeks. We manufacture radial blades in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We are also happy to supply replacements for third-party products or as a new design for your application. Production from 1 piece to series.


The following types of ventilation fans for electric motors are available:

  • Ventilation fans series MV,  made of PPN, PPN UL-listed and Ultramide, in IEC frame sizes 56 to 200, with or without keyway
  • Clamping Ventilation fans of the series GM polyamide in IEC frame sizes 63 to 355
  • Series CV polyamide clamping ventilation fans in IEC frame sizes 63 to 160 with clamping bolts
  • Polyamide clamping ventilation fans of the series VTP / VTB in polyamide IEC frame sizes 56 to 180
  • Ventilation fans made of Die cast aluminum series MEC in frame sizes 80 to 355 with keyway, machined or unmachined.
  • Ventilation fans series VE ( with clamping device ), made of die-cast aluminum in IEC frame sizes 56 and 132 to 250
  • Ventilation fans series VR ( with clamping device ), of die-cast aluminum in IEC frame sizes 63 to 160
  • Ventilation fans made of Die-cast aluminium 3 or 5 blades, in IEC frame sizes 225 to 315 with keyway, unmachined.
    high enertia fan blades made of cast iron in sizes 63 to 100 unmachined or machined
  • Directional axial ventilation fans  in aluminum or fibreglass reinforced PPN for diameters from 120 mm to 2745 mm (individual production from as low as one unit) (to the inquiry dimension sheet)
  • Impellers for radial fans (to the inquiry dimension sheet)
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