Die-cast aluminum

We supply in die-cast aluminum stator housings with bolt on feet as well as end shields, flange bearing shields and terminal boxes in IEC sizes 56 to 180. All parts are available unmachined from stock.
Furthermore, there are standard machined aluminum parts in smaller batches on stock. We would be pleased to deliver parts according to your specifications.
Please bear in mind that the stator housing can only be machined after the shrinking in of the stator pack.
The shrinking of the packs takes place in unmachined condition.  The empty heated housing has a temperature of 200 ° C to 250 ° C and is pushed over the stator. The pack position is usually centered. For special lengths an asymmetrical pack position is possible as well.
For the positioning of the shrunk packs an axial auxiliary stop is required.
Shrinking of the packs can also be undertaken by ourselves.
Other stator packs with the same outer diameter can also be used in addition to the standard IEC ones.
We also supply all other attachment parts such as endshields, flanges B5 / B14 and a large selection of different terminal boxes in aluminum and plastic for protection classes from IP44 to IP65.
Suitable seals are available for all terminal boxes.

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