Cast iron

We deliver in cast iron, stator Housings, endshields as well as flange bearing shields and terminal boxes in IEC sizes 80 to 400.
The housings are available in mountings B3 and B5 with cast-on feet and laterally or top-mounted terminal boxes.
For stability the feet for the B3 housings  sizes 250 to 400 are cast with the housing and are offered without holes.
Depending on the size and shape the housings have 4 or 8 cams on both sides as standard. We also supply all other components such as endshields, flanges B5 / B14 as well as terminal boxes in cast iron for our housings. For all terminal boxes we offer the corresponding seals as well.
For smaller housings (80 to 112) we supply end shields for the A- and B-side. From size 132 a universal endshield is available for both sides.
All parts are unmachined on stock and can be delivered immediately. We are able to deliver the parts according to your specification.
Further accessories include high enertia fans in sizes 63 to 100, brake end shields in sizes 56 to 132 and bearing end covers.
All cast iron parts can also be produced in ductile iron or aluminum.
It would be our pleasure to deliver special parts according to your specific requirements in both raw or machined versions.

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