About KMMP

We deliver more than 1,500 active customers with components for the electric motor construction all over the world. To our customers count well-known manufacturers of electric motors and gears as well as sevice and repair enterprises. Our 38 employees are responsible for your enquiries and orders.

KMMP has an area of 11,000m². We have more than 3,000 articles on stock which is the reason why we can supply our customers within a short time.

We are at your disposal for all your questions to all our products with our technical know-how and years of experience in the electric motor business.


1979: Kurt Maier Sen. founded the  Kurt Maier Motor-Press GmbH . Its headquarter was in Northeim.

1981: The company moved to Kalefeld, Bahnhofstraße.

1989: Our sister company Kurt Maier Motor-Press (Pty) Ltd. in Südafrika was founded.

1992: The Company grew and the number of employees increased so that the company moved into the Birkenstraße but kept the area in the Bahnhofstraße as stock.

2001: Mr. Wolfram Maier, son of Kurt Maier, took over the management of the Kurt Maier Motor- Press GmbH.

2002: A new storage hall was built for aluminium components.

2016: Another hall arose with an area of 1,600 m².

2016: Commissioning of our photovoltaic system with an output of 30 kWp. The electricity generated is used for self-sufficiency. The unused portion is fed back into the utilities power grid.

2019: Acquisition of our first electric car charging station.

2020: Two more electric car charging stations have followed. These are for charging our company vehicles and employees vehicles.

2024: Demolition of the old hall track and new building with adjacent office and social rooms of 1400 m². The warehouse and assembly hall as well as all adjoining rooms are heated by underfloor heating using a modern heat pump.

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