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Your partner for electric motor construction and drive technology

For more than 40 years kmmp is renound for high quality components and special parts for the electrical engineering industry. We deliver to well-known customers worldwide from our headquaters in Kalefeld as well as from our agencies in USA , France, Great Britain and South Africa. Our long experience of manufacturing and sales experience ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and naturally mirror our comprehensive service.

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Our product categories

kmmp delivers to customers worldwide with components for the electrical machine Industry.

We house in Kalefeld parts and components for the electrical engineering Industry in sizes IEC 56 to IEC 400.

This includes stator housings, end shields, flanges and terminal boxes in aluminium and cast iron, stator and rotor packs as well as a large selection of different ventilation fans and fan cowls.

Do you require ATEX flameproof electric motors immediately?

We always have a large selection of flameproof electric motors ex stock. Brands  incl.  Cemp,  ATB and Elprom.

In the field of ventilation technology we offer fitted external ventilations for your frequency controlled motor. Various versions are guaranteed for almost all applications and provide a dependable solution.

For ventilation or elimination of dust etc. we work together with Mistral  , a manufacturer of industry ventilations for more then 40 years. We supply radial blowers / centrifugal fans with air volumes of 50m³/h to  68000m³/h.

All our products are in accordance to the latest technical requirements and  are liable for  general quality tests.

To our customers: We provide to well- known manufacturers of:
» Electric motors and gear motors
» Pumps
» Ventilation Systems, cowls and fans
» General drive technology
» Repair enterprises and armature winders
» Wholesale for components


You can find our customers in Germany, Europe and overseas.


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